’zico zico nii~~ straight to your heart zico nii~’

the strongest member in btob? - changsub vs minhyuk


What happens when Line chat is introduced on ASC ☉‿☉;

"I came back in korea, where my mom looked after me" [x]

Quote by YG (trans: @ShrimpLJY)
I don’t think YG(company) made Bigbang
Bigbang made YG

Q: What are your future goals?
Q: What are your future goals?




I’m in my feelings bc of the kpop drama and in order to live y’all I’ve got to get it out. I am not trying to start some mess or get sympathy but please I have just got to get it out.
I used to translate stuff from interviews or snippets or songs. Not on the level of subber groups but if I was on tumblr and somebody rebooted something asking what was said I would translate it. And girl when I tell y’all the only people who would ever acknowledge my translations were black people you got to feel me. Like honestly I would get hate for translating. I would get asks calling me a liar and even asking for my family tree. Some would straight say I couldn’t know Korean or Mandarin bc I’m black. And that’s something that bugs me. Obvious RACISM aside you vicious non black children have it in your head that somebody who is black only ever had black people in their family. Y’all can reach back to you great great great great great grandpa to claim ancestry but a black person has just black blood from start to finish. Like get the fuck real. But any who. I either got hate or it was straight crickets. Like I’d translate something and here nothing from the person. I could love been the first note that translated and would get nothing from a non black person but hours later they are thanking a full Asian or one of those kawaii desu white girls for translating hours after I did in the same damn post. So eventually I just let it go and even to this day I don’t translate shit for people on tumblr anymore. Eoooo this was not supposed to be like this but damn I guess I just had a lot of feelings gir woooo child.


Plot twist you meet Jonghyun and he’s actually taller than you.